Affiliate Program

Take advantage of the powerful EVOX Image database and its +1 million images with the EVOXSTOCK.COM Affiliate Program.

As an approved affiliate, you have access to a complete dashboard, full of approved creatives (banner ads and buttons like the one below!). You can choose a combination of our advertising creatives and/or tracking links that can be placed strategically into your website, newsletters and/or email campaigns. 

When a visitor on your site clicks through and licenses imagery from EVOXSTOCK.COM you earn money!

The EVOXSTOCK.COM Affiliate Program costs nothing to join and uses one of the most powerful and flexible management and tracking tools in the industry - HasOffers. The codes you embed into your site will give HasOffers the information it needs to track and report your earned revenue.

You will earn 15% of the revenue from each completed sale resulting from your referrals.

Join the EVOXSTOCK.COM Affiliate Program

     Step 1 // 
Press the Join Now button to get started.

     Step 2 // Complete the application form.

     Step 3 // Upon submission, your application will be auto-approved (an email will be sent to the
     supplied email address with your new HasOffers username and password).

     Step 4 // Click the program link provided in the email and sign in using your username and

     Step 5 // Choose your desired creative graphics (for web or email) or simply add the program link
     to your online marketing campaign.

     For step 5, follow these steps to access the banners you need to add to your site:
Login then click
Offers, Browse/Search, Affiliate Program 15, then scroll down to see the banner selections
     and get the embed code for your site.

You're on your way to earning extra money from your website! If you need help, have a question or just need more information please let us know.


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