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Our Story.

EVOX had a vision to create the largest selection of premium-quality stills and interactive automotive images. Today, EVOX Images is used by several U.S. auto marketers: 22,000 dealer websites, all 6 major dealer solutions providers, 17 OEM's, 525 newspapers and 8 top portal sites.

We provide a consistent, in-depth view of every vehicle by capturing our entire product line of stills, 360 exterior spins, interior panoramas and videos with the same lighting, camera height and length for every car, every time.

About Us

Our Products.

Every vehicle that comes through our studio goes through Evox's Standardized Production Process. We provide an in depth view of every vehicle by providing image content that is consistent. Same content, same lighting, same post production.

Product Tour

Three-Angle Colorized Set.

Show Customers all-available manufacture colors with these colorized exterior shots, including front 3/4, rear 3/4, and profile angles. MY2007 - Present. Side profile colors available MY2000 - Present. Learn more

Full Stills Set.

Customers will revel in the ability to view detailed images from headlight to taillight with this package of 30-60 interior and exterior vehicle images. Available MY2000 - Present. Learn more

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360° Exterior Spin.

This signature EVOX IMAGES® product is a proven interactive experience that puts the user in control. Invite customers to ‘walk-around’ their desired car to see every angle and curve with this 36-frame spin. Available MY2000 - Present. Learn more

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360° Interior Panorama.

Get customers in the driver’s seat to explore interiors with this interactive panorama. Click and Drag to explore details from the dashboard to the backseat. Available MY2000 - Present. (Backgrounds for illustration purposes only and not included in standard pano.) Learn more

Splash Images.

Enhance your car inventory with two Exterior Hero Images. One composited on a realistic background and one on an abstract background. Available MY2010 - Present. Learn more

Contact Us.

EVOXSTOCK is open to answer your questions anytime Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm PST, and we will always try to respond to you within one working day. We look forward to hearing from you.

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