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New Release Library

Three CG images (driver front 3/4, passenger rear 3/4, and side profile) of North American, mass-produced, all new vehicles announced at auto-shows and through press events/releases. All vehicles are produced in standard silver exterior color. Delivery of vehicles produced is constrained by OEM vehicle launch schedules. Qty of vehicles represented will be approximately sixty (60) vehicles per year.

Disclaimer: The New Release Library is comprised on imagery based on vehicles available at Auto Shows and through Press Releases. The imagery in the New Release Library is of pre-production vehicles and unlikely to be identical to the final production vehicles sold by Auto Dealers.


First Look Library

One still image (driver front 3/4), created through a combination of photography and CG depicting any exterior vehicle changes between model years. First Look Library images will be available until such OEM production vehicle is located and photographed by EVOX for its Automobile Image Library. Quantity of vehicles represented will be determined by individual OEM vehicle exterior changes (per model year).

Disclaimer: The First Look Library is comprised of imagery and reference sources that Evox reasonably believes represents final production vehicles. However, since this imagery is released before the actual vehicles go on sale, Evox cannot guarantee that the New Release Library imagery is identical to the final production vehicles sold by Auto Dealers.

Base Trim Library

Colorized driver front 3/4, passenger rear 3/4, and side profile images of 300+ base-trim level, mass-produced cars, SUV's and trucks per model year. Imagery will be created through a combination of photography and CG based on available OEM vehicle data.

Disclaimer: The Base Trim Library includes images of vehicles to accompany the lowest published MSRP for each vehicle. The Base Trim Library does NOT include all makes, models, and base level trims for each model year. For any given year, the Base Trim Library contains some select "carryover vehicles." Carryover vehicles are those vehicles which remain unchanged (or largely unchanged) from a different model year.


Three-Angle Colorized Set

Show Customers all-available manufacture colors with these colorized exterior shots, including front 3/4, rear 3/4, and profile angles. MY2007 - Present. Side profile colors available MY2000 - Present. Select icons below to see color change.

Full Stills Sets

Customers will revel in the ability to view detailed images from headlight to taillight with this package of 30-60 interior and exterior vehicle images. Available MY2000 - Present.

Full Set Product Tour

360° Exterior Spin

This signature EVOX IMAGES® product is a proven interactive experience that puts the user in control. Invite customers to 'walk-around' their desired car to see every angle and curve with this 36-frame spin. Available MY2000 - Present. Take this car for a spin using your mouse or fingertip.

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360° Interior Panorama

Get customers in the driver's seat to explore interiors with this interactive panorama. Available MY2000 - Present. Select and drag to explore details from the dashboard to the backseat.

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Splash Images

Enhance your car inventory with two Exterior Hero Images. One composited on a realistic background and one on an abstract background. Available MY2010 - Present.